Historical TCO company


In 1997, a leading Thai castor seed exporter together with the biggest and 
oldest castor crusher in Europe, Alberdingk Boley GmbH, established a company 
called THAI CASTOR OIL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. to crush castor seed in Thailand. 
The company was created as a Thai-German joint venture with equity 
participation and financial support from both the Thai and German industrial 
development institutions. The German partner whose experience in castor oil 
production stretched back for more than half a century, provided the technical 
know-how with emphasis on quality oil production. The German company itself 
was established since 1828 started with linseed oil mill.

Thai Castor Oil Industries Co., Ltd. was registered as a Thai company on 
November 2, 1977. Two years later, in 1979 the construction of the first and only 
castor oil factory in South East Asia was completed which had an annual capacity 
to crush about 40,000 tons of castor seeds, producing 18,000 tons of refined 
castor oil. This company, as the mother company of TCO GROUP had later 
established more companies to produce mainly the castor oil derivatives plus 
other businesses.
– In 1984 established T K WAX CO., LTD. to produce castor waxes.
– In 1989 established T J PAC CO., LTD. to make the powdered waxes.
– In 1990 established T S CHEMICAL CO., LTD to produce DCO, DCO-FA, etc. 
In the same year, 1990, T J Land Co., Ltd. was established with wharf facility for 
berthing vessels and with warehouses for storage.
– In 2012 when TK Wax Co., Ltd. capacity was fully utilized, another company 
Thai Castor Wax Co., Ltd. was established to produce the product line to serve 
our expanded market.

The castor oil is a traditional medicinal ‘cure-all’ known for hundreds of years 
throughout the world. In it oil form, it is one of the oldest laxative, and material 
for cosmetics. The main use today is the raw material for an enormous variety of 
sophisticated products such as lubricants, plastics, artificial fibers, paint, 
varnished and synthetic resins, plasticizers and surfactants, fungicides, 
cosmetics, printing inks, soaps, artificial leather, hydraulic fluids, dyeing aids 
and textile finishing materials. These are only some of its principal uses. 
Of these uses, many needed the chemically modified castor oil, the so-called 
castor oil derivatives.

Thai Castor Oil Industries Co., Ltd. had expanded into such derivatives market 
through the TCO GROUP OF COMPANIES mentioned above.